The Poet's Life

We have two depictions of the life and work of Robinson Jeffers. The first, Fire from Stone, is more thorough and detailed. The second is a brief telling of Jeffers' story.

1. Fire from Stone: The Poet’s Life and Work

  1. Stone Prophet: The rise of Robinson Jeffers, from his birth in 1887 to the publication of Cawdor in 1928
  2. Fire Poet: Robinson Jeffers as a poet distinctly associated with fire
  3. Finding his Form: A genealogy of Robinson Jeffers' poetic form
  4. Autumn and Winter: The Decline, Recovery, and Death of Robinson Jeffers
  5. Honeyed Truth: The nuanced honesty of Robinson Jeffers
  6. Poet-Mortem: The legacy of the poet and the prophet

2. A Brief Telling of Jeffers’ story

  1. House and Tower — Welcome to Tor House
  2. The Artist as a Young Man — the shaping of John Robinson Jeffers
  3. Renaissance — A poetry revival in America and abroad
  4. War & Leisure — passing wartime in Bohemia-by-the-Sea
  5. The War Dividend — blessings of the war
  6. Metric of Stone — the building of a tower — and an artist
  7. Stone Prophet — inhumanism and the wild God of the world
  8. Fame and Distraction — the wages of success
  9. Armageddon, Act II — saved by the war
  10. Descent to the Dead — the last days of an ornery old prophet
  11. The Bed by the Window — a miracle of sorts


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