Many thanks to the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation and all the people who make it work. Thanks also to the Robinson Jeffers Association, its officers and contributors. Both of these organizations have blazed a trail to learning about Robinson Jeffers and his art that has opened my eyes on many occasions.

Thanks in particular to James Karman (Comparative Religion, CSU Chico) and Tim Hunt (English, Illinois SU), who have labored tirelessly to bring the life and work of Robinson Jeffers into unobstructed view. All breathing students of Jeffers are in their debt.

I should also mention the researchers Sydney Alberts, Alex Vardamis, Jeanetta Boswell, Robert Kafka, and Robert Brophy for digging up all those delicious details, dissertations, critical reviews, etc.

Also, the ghosts of Radcliffe Squires, William Nolte, William Everson, Bill Hotchkiss, and many others should be thanked for their views on Jeffers, whether one ascribes to their ideas in whole, in part, or not at all.

Thanks to my fellow docents and also tour guests who have given me many a morsel for thought, sometimes too perceptive or subversive to be heard in the pale halls of the academy.

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