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Rolling Reference Frames

One of the great debates around Robinson Jeffers regards whether his verse was free or, uh, not completely free. Because Jeffers identified expressly as an anti-modernist, it would not do for him to admit to having followed Walt Whitman down the rabbit hole of free verse. To do so would be to confess to immitation, and also be tantamount to laziness and lack of poetic discipline, in the eyes of some (including Jeffers himself).

Fall Fest 2014

Every October, the Tor House Foundation sponsors a three-day weekend event. I hadn't been aware of this until 2013, in spite of the fact that I'd certainly read about it. Last year I skipped the Saturday portion because I wasn't excited about the theme. This October, I attended both the Sunset Celebration and the Saturday conference. The whole family came along Friday night. We arrived about an hour late, thanks to some lovely weekend escape traffic. The weather was beautiful, as was the sunset, bright coral and untouched by cloud or fog.

Tor House Garden Party

On the first Sunday in May, I attended my second Tor House Garden Party. This one was special because it was the first event I attended as a docent. It was a hit and miss affair for yours truly. I had a great time chatting with guests in the guest room, but when I'm not chatting I suddenly get to feeling out of place, whether it was standing around on break or standing alone with Thuban (which for some crazy reason wasn't very popular). The photos that I took while loitering with Thuban may be indicative of my state of mind at the time.

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