Solstice and Other Poems (1935)

Solstice and Other Poems represents a crucial turn in the career—or ministry—of Robinson Jeffers.

The title narrative Solstice (CP vol. 2) is the one of Jeffers’ shorter narrative poems. In spite of its brevity, Robinson Jeffers chose not to include Solstice in his Selected Poetry (1938). Tim Hunt would later make the same choice (Selected Poetry, 2001). The volume did include the previously published lyrics Return and , and also introduced some noteworthy lyrics, including Love the Wild Swan, Distant Rainfall, Gray Weather, and Ave Caesar.

The collection also included the short lyric Rearmament, for this was the time of the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. Hitler had announced the enlargement of the German army on March 16, 1934. The German army would have 4.5 million stormtroopers by the end of that year.


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