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Metric of Stone

The stones of the wall will cry out, and the beams of the woodwork will echo it. (Habakkuk 2:11)

"I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." (Luke 19:40)

Burnt Offerings

Several years ago, I realized for the first time that the poetry of Robinson Jeffers is suffused with fire. This, I soon realized, had been noticed by at least a couple others: Jeffers scholar James Karman and Swedish professor of literature Gunnar Axberger. Karman had mentioned it in passing; Axberger wrote a research paper on it.[i]

Wish List: Selected Narratives

I've been thinking for a while about ideal anthologies. Sometimes it seems that mixing long and short poems tends to make an anthology hard to browse, and the reader can have difficulty setting a pace. One solution is to divide an anthology into separate volumes of long and short poems. Here's one possible listing of longer poems, adding up to about 514 pages of verse (using Tim Hunt's page layout).

Thomas Hardy and Inhumanism

… there may be in him also a secret admiration for indifference, for power without feeling as opposed to human feeling without power—for the transcendence of human imperfection by the perfection of absolute zero. There is perhaps a secret longing to be free of choice and concern, the unshakable aspects of human existence, and to ally himself with the workings of inhuman will.

Thoor Ballylee and the Tor Tower

To be carved on a Stone at Thoor Ballylee

I, the poet William Yeats,
With old mill boards and sea-green slates,
And smithy work from the Gort forge,
Restored this tower for my wife George;
And may these characters remain
When all is ruin once again.

Yeats restored an old Irish tower for his wife, and then
Jeffers built a stone tower for his.

Poets of Antrim

At the eleventh hour, Carolyn and I decided to drive down to Carmel on Saturday evening to catch "Coast to Coast: Two Poets from Ireland’s Glens of Antrim" in the parlor of the East Wing of Tor House. We were glad that we did. The evening featured the poets Anne-Marie Fyfe and Cahal Dallat. Mr. Dallat, also a musician and Jeffers scholar who attributes much influence to Robinson Jeffers on Irish poetry. My general opinion of Jeffers' poems of Ireland is that they are not his best work. They don't move me. That is of course a subjective assessment. Still, Mr.

Coast Section Likely to Have Floods

Perry Hill, United States forest ranger, who has returned from the section down the coast where the recent great fires have prevailed, has expressed the opinion that a portion of the Big Sur waterehed was so badly devastated in the country south of Carmel that that section will suffer considerably in the event of a severe winter. The fires in the Cone Peak and Carmel watershed sections south of here have been completely extinguished. In fact, the main efforts of the fire fighters were centered upon preventing the burning of the Carmel watershed, and this was accomplished.

Fire Under Control

The forest fire in the Big Sur country, which has been raging since last Thursday morning, is now under control. The area devastated is approximately twenty-five square miles, including both government and private property. The property destroyed embraces a vast amount of redwood timber, the University of California Bee Farm, the telephone line from Big Sur to Soledad. Upwards of seventy-five men were engaged in fighting the flames, among them a number of regulars from the Monterey Presidio.

“Carmel Night” at Pebble Beach Lodge

Tonight the residents of Carmel will gather at Pebble Beach Lodge for a general good time.

R. J. McCabe, manager of the Lodge, rejoicing that Carmel is now an incorporated city, thinks this civic event should be properly celebrated.

It is Mr. McCabe’s desire that Carmel and Pebble Beach become more intimately united both socially and commercially.

To this end this affair has been arranged. Invitations have been mailed to a large number of local residents, who are requested to bring their visiting relatives and friends.

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